How To Repair Your Old Card Table

If you already own a card table for your home and you don’t feel like you’re ready for a new card table set, you can easily repair your old card table and chairs. No matter how careful you are, card tables will need maintenance and repair work. There’s no need to worry because repairing these tables are pretty easy and you should be up and ready to host another great poker game at your house in no time!

Before we get down and dirty, there are a few tools that you’re going to need in order to fix and repair your folding card table. Go to your tool and get a screwdriver, either a Phillips or flathead will do. If your card table has a vinyl or felt top, you might want to order a new sheet online to replace your old cover. Next, you’re going to need heavy tape and some lubricant.

If the legs to your card table is squeaky and is hard to pull out, the hinges that’s connecting the legs to the under part of the tabletop is probably a little rusty. Simply use the silicon lubricant to loosen up the hinge and you should notice the legs move more freely.

If you notice that the card table wobbles to and fro when you lay your arms on the surface, which means there is a loose screw that needs to be tighten up. What you need to do here is flip the table upside down and retighten every screw to be on the safe side.

If you’re felt or vinyl top is severely damaged, then you’re going to have to remove the frame pad and replace the cloth material. Make sure you use the tape to hold down the material until you’re ready to screw the frame back on.

There you have it, all it took were 3 simple steps to turn your old card table to a better functioning poker gaming table. One of the easer handyman jobs.

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