Screening House Cleaning Services

Before a home owner chooses to hire a cleaning service Vancouver it would behoove them to figure out what specific portions of the house he or she thinks require cleaning. The home owner may want to designate certain rooms in the home or areas of rooms as no clean zones. The home owner may want to do this because specific valuable or fragile objects are located there and it is not worth it to expose them to possible damage or tampering. The home owner may also want to prioritize the areas which require cleaning most or should be cleaned first by the cleaning service.

A home owner should also do their homework before picking a house cleaning Vancouver service. This homework can be performed online checking the various reviews positive or negative the maid service may or may not have received by their prior customers. The home owner may also want to ask his or her friends who may have had experience with or know the reputation of the cleaning service. Usually a company which is not bonded or insured is not a reputable company and is not one that a homeowner should choose to have access to his or her most valuable possessions. Moreover, if a cleaning service lacks bonding and insurance it may not be able to reimburse you should they be the cause of damage or theft to the home owner’s possessions or property.

The home owner considering hiring a house cleaning service may also want to inquire as to whether the house cleaning service employs illegal immigrants. In addition to this inquiry it may also be advisable for the home owner to inquire as to what sort of background screening the cleaning service uses for its employees. A home owner should be particularly interested in whether the cleaning services employ people with criminal records for obvious reasons.