Steps From Cleaning Services Vancouver To Help You Clean Your Home Efficiently And Quick

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The worst mistake that people make when they clean is cleaning one room at a time. This is called “zone cleaning” which can be too slow. You can either choose to clean your kitchen in three hours, or you can choose to clean your whole house from top to bottom in three hours. Many of us get caught up focusing on just one area for way too long, for example we spend a lot of time doing a great job on cleaning the counters and will never end up cleaning the stove, let alone the next room in the house. So if you’d like to learn how to clean your house quicker keep reading to learn some tips from cleaning services vancouver.

Step 1. Dust your entire house

You’ll need to start out by dustining each room in your home, this includes topsides of all the furniture, shelves and also all the picture frames. If it’s possible try to dry dust everything, if you get dust wet it can actually be a lot harder to remove it. To help get rid of fingerprints, damp your wash cloth with warm preferably a microfiber one.

Step 2. Clean all fabric furniture

Walk through your entire house and take all the sheets and blankets off the furniture and throw them in the washer. Then take your vacuum extension and get rid of any dust that’s collecting on your couches and chairs.

Step 3. Clean all your windows and mirrors

Go through your entire home and wipe down all your mirrors as well as all the inside windows. For a streak free mirror use windex and a microfiber cloth. 

Step 4. Clean all the surfaces in your home

Next step is to walk through and wipe down all the surfaces including counters and tables. Use a disinfecting spray to help get rid of any germs.

Step 5. Clean your kitchen and all the bathrooms

Next step you’ll want to do is clean your kitchen and bathrooms. Walk through your home and spray cleaners on your sinks, toilets and tubs. After you spray cleaner you’ll want to return and scrub everything. Then, in your kitchen you’ll want to clean inside the microwave as well as inside cabinets and appliances.

Step 6. Clean all the floors 

After you do the steps in your kitchen and bathroom you’ll want to get started on your floors. First you’ll want to sweep and vacuum all your floors to pick all the crumbs and hair and then you’ll need to mop. Mop your floors a couple times to really make sure that they are clean. 

Extra tip 

Cleaning services Vancouver recommends that you start from top to bottom and left to right. It’s also easier if you start in the upstairs bathroom it’s also a good place to leave all your cleaning supplies. For each cleaning task, you’ll want to start at the highest point in each room then move from left to right. This ensures that you don’t miss any small details and you won’t knock dust onto already cleaned parts.