great TOEFL preparation strategies to help you achieve a perfect score on the test day

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When it comes to taking the TOEFL practice test, it can be a very stressful experience. You have to get a specific score on the test to be able to pass it. You pay a lot of money to take the test and you have to study and prepare for it for months. The test centers are overwhelming and they can be really nosiy making it very hard to concentrate on the test. 

But there’s nothing you can do to change any of that, but starting to study and prepare for the TOEFL test months in advance is one of the things you can do to make sure you do great on your test day. Here are some great and effective ways that you can prepare for the test.

Become good at taking notes

On test day you will only be able to listen to the audio clips once and then you will have to answer the question or speak and write about the question that you heard. Because you can only listen to the audio once and you cannot reply to it, you will have to become good at taking notes. A great way to practice taking notes is in English because that is the language that the test is going to be on. You can also take notes in your native language if that makes you feel more comfortable. Your main goal is to learn how to take notes in real-time without missing what the audio is saying. Practice taking notes with a bunch of different clips as well as different levels of complexity. Take the notes and then listen to the audio to see how accurate your notes ended up being. Learning how to properly take notes can be a huge help and an advantage on your real test day.

Read as much as you can every day

The more time you spend learning how to read, the more exposure you will get to vocabulary. The closer you read, the more skills you will build in your reading comprehension skills. Also, Expand your reading and extend the range of subjects. Reading things that you aren’t very comfortable with will improve your reading so much more. You never know what kind of subject you will have to read about during the real test day, so it’s best to expand your comfort zone.

Take practice tests

When you’re preparing for the test, you are probably aiming for a specific score. During the months that you spend preparing for the TOEFL test, you can only know if you’re nearing your objective by practicing taking the test. Toefl practice tests can help you get a better feeling of how the test environment is going to be. It will also get you more comfortable with understanding what kind of questions are going to be on the actual test. The questions on the practice test arent the same but they are very similar.  There are many websites online that offer free practice tests, so take advantage of that.